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Swim guiding and coaching in the South Lake District

Welcome to South Lakes Swimming.

Hello, my name is Heather and I am a passionate open water swimmer and outdoor enthusiast.

I have set up South Lakes Swimming to help people enjoy the open waters around the South Lakes safely. I want to make it accessible for all and will ensure no challenge is impossible. All swims/coaching sessions are risk assessed with the appropriate insurance and safety gear in place.

I aim to hold your hand and support you through your journey into cold water. We will compile goals for each session and should you require more sessions we can look at long term goals working towards challenges such as bagging tarns, swimming a longer distance or competition. You will exceed your goals and what you think you are capable of.

60% of deaths occur in the first 6 minutes of mistakenly entering water. My aim is to educate as many adults on how to be safe around water and what to do if something happens. In turn this will hopefully be passed down generations.

I strive to offer a calm, caring environment to learn or improve in your new adventures. No gung-ho approach just empathy and understanding that trying something new can be an anxious time. I pay particular attention to detail with safety and ensuring you have a fun time.

The benefits of cold water swimming are many but most are anecdotal – this doesn’t mean to say the anecdotal evidence doesn’t matter. Immersion in cold water even for just 2 minutes can help boost mental and physical health.

Its a great way to work out without putting stress on your body, its a stress reliever, a metabolism booster, boosts the immune system, for me a pain reliever and each wild swim releases endorphins, dopamine and serotonin – giving you a post-swim buzz. Its also about community and building a friendship group around the activity you love.

The Optimum Health Clinic states:

  1. Cold water adaptation may help stimulate the vagus nerve which connects your brain to organs including your heart and lungs.
  2. The cold water of wild swimming may help reduce pain and inflammation as the cold water forces the blood vessels to constrict, restricting the blood flow which may decrease inflammation.
  3. Immersing the body in cold water can help boost dopamine levels and increase the release of endorphins.
  4. Being outdoors and connecting with nature has a proven, positive impact on mental wellbeing
  5. Cold water may help with immune support: cold water may help to boost the white blood cell count as the body is forced to react quickly to changing conditions. Over time, your body can become better at activating its defences including the stress response.

And even for those who can’t go to a wild swimming location or a pool, start with a few seconds under the cold tap in the shower to stimulate those nervous system receptors, too.

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