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Swim guiding and coaching in the South Lake District

Front crawl and Breaststroke Workshops

FRONT CRAWL – Who is this workshop for?

Confident breaststroke swimmers outside.
Those wanting to learn how to front crawl in a small group of like-minded people.
People who want to learn in a small, focused, supportive group.
Anyone that has tried a little bit of front crawl and wants some advice and pointers on how to progress.

These workshops are ideal for beginners to front crawl or intermediates. Ideal for those who have done a course with me.

BREASTSTROKE –¬†Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who would like to improve their breaststroke, become faster, smoother and less out of breath. These workshops will drastically improve your breaststroke.

All done in a safe location with safety being first and foremost.

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