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Swim guiding and coaching in the South Lake District

Winter Swimming Safety Course and Swimming safety course

Once you have completed my introduction session you will have a small amount of knowledge on risk assessing, keeping yourself safe and what happens to the body in cold water.

I have designed two courses to cover even more information so by the end of completing them you will have as much knowledge as myself!

I have the winter swimming safety course which includes keeping safe in extreme cold water over the winter, kit, illness related to cold water, risk assessing, how to keep a cold swimmer warm and what to do in an emergency/ what emergency kit to carry. This is a half day course run from October to March. Booking link will be available for the winter course in September.


The new swimming safety course includes CPR, defibrillation use, basic fist aid, how to rescue another swimmer through throws and towing. We also go through keeping a swimmer warm while waiting for emergency care to come. This is a half day course run from June to September.


Once you have completed both of these courses you will have enough knowledge to keep yourself and others you swim with safe.

Most places we swim at are remote or will take a while for an ambulance to get to. Its so important to gain this knowledge so you know what to do in an emergency and you don’t panic.

Suitable for beginners or experienced swimmers.

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