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Swim guiding and coaching in the South Lake District

Swim Adventure

I have a range of swim adventures that are inclusive and can take breaststroke and front crawl swimmers. They consist of the following:

  1. A swim adventure that starts on the shore of Windermere and visits an island then hugs the shore, we end up at a cafe where you can get coffee and cake or even brunch and then have a short walk back to where we started. Approx 1000 – 1500m
  2. Island hopping from one spot. Minimal walking. There are short and long route options. Approx 1500 – 2000m with shorter options. We meet first thing and travel over the ferry to our start. We visit a number of islands, you can explore one of them and there is a jump off a rock if you dare! We finish at a cafe a short walk away and then if you’ve got the energy after that a short 5 min walk to an amazing view point of windermere and where you have just been swimming.
  3. A river journey with a short walk back – these are evening swims on a Thursday.
  4. A river and lake journey – more info to come.

We will carry all our kit to our destination in tow floats and are supported by a paddle board or two where needed. There is time to have plenty of rests and escape routes should you feel tired.

Small groups.

We will be in the water for up to 40-80mins depending on adventure. Skins swimmers welcome if you can manage that time in the water happily.

Current dates for 2024:

15th of June – adventure 1, 16th of June adventure 2. You can book these separately or book both and make a weekend of it! On saturday afternoon you will have time to explore the area, go for a walk or just relax if you decide to do the weekend.

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