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Swim guiding and coaching in the South Lake District


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Notes on booking:

Some hints and tips for using my booking system. TryBooking are a local (Kendal) company and super easy to contact which is why I use them. Their set up is easy and the help they offer is personal and prompt.

  1. When booking you can SAVE your details upon checkout so you don’t have to type them in again. This is device specific. It will only save the basic name and address etc.

It will NOT save the CUSTOM data I require from you which is specific to the activity I offer.

I ask medical and next of kin details each time so that my information is up to date. I ask for all medical information to decide if cold water swimming is suitable but also so that I can pass your medical details on to ambulance staff should the need arise. Your medical information should be up to date and include medication. This is why it is important that it is input every time and not saved on a user profile.

Unfortunately, the custom data can not be saved, it wouldn’t be saved on any other platform either.

  1. To make signing up for the weekly swim club easier I have done the following:
  2. Removed from the custom data collection attendee first and last name (this is collected on check out and this info can be remembered).
  3. I have removed the need to agree twice to the terms and conditions. You already do this and terms and conditions are attached to your ticket confirmation email.
  4. Swim ability data need not be filled in by previous clients (just type one letter or NA).

I have also done this for the full moon swims.

I would recommend block booking where you can and this is less time consuming.

  1. You should now be able to go to TryBooking and search for south lakes swimming or any other keys words related to my courses and they should now show without having to follow the direct links I send out on posts or my website.
  2. When you book this page appears, this is the best time to write it in your diary before you forget!

You get you TWO confirmation emails when you have booked one contains the tickets and one contain but not always location, kit or extra info I was not able to include on the TryBooking advert. Nearer the time you will get another email with final details in.

This is also why I love TryBooking: “We are not the Data Controller you are, we only process the data on your behalf so we don’t use your guests details at all. All our Data is stored in the UK and we do not market to your Ticket Purchaser like Eventbrite does.”

Forgotten what you have booked?

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Notes on booking – PDF version with photos to help.

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