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Swim guiding and coaching in the South Lake District

Swim gear recommendations

Swim hats and Whistles

I have swim hats for £8 and pea-less whistles for £1.50. I have them with me each session.


Depends on what type of swimming – front crawl or breaststroke?  TRI WETSUIT HIRE have some great advice/ info blogs on their website and worth a read before you buy anything.

Tri Wetsuit Hire

Tri wetsuit hire     Do hire and sales and offer a very good service on how to get the right size so this is good option first. They have a wide range of wetsuits for all needs and I highly recommend their service.

For a DISCOUNT use code southlakes10

LOMO have a great sizing range for all sizes

Front crawl you need a swimming specific one. Such as Blue Seventy/orca/alpkit/zone 3/Head/ Yonda. These wetsuits are more susceptible to damage and nicks so care is needed when putting on, taking off and storing.

Breaststroke –If you are just using it for breaststroke and dipping a surf wetsuit would probably be fine, hardwearing and comfortable – just not very flexible around the arms/shoulders. There are more and more brands designing suitable breaststroke wetsuits and a few are below.  I have an Orca SW and its great for breaststroke but thinner than other wetsuits.


Zone 3 wetsuits, booties, gloves, trisuits, goggles, tow floats, neoprene swimming costumes, swim  / run, robes etc.

Discount code for Zone 3: SOUTHLAKESSWIMMING

Rocket Science wetsuits – love my ONE model, super flexible, easy to get on and good for all strokes. I can arrange a 10% discount, all you need to do is email me with size wanted. More info here: 

Tow floats 

Wild Moose Tow float 


Both the Wild Moose tow float and the Dippy one come in great colours. Hard wearing and both dry bags.

I’ve recently tried the Dippy tow float in neon yellow/green. I love it! It has and 18 month warranty and really well made with a free phone case. For 20% DISCOUNT use SLW20


Goggles, ear plags, swim wear.


Socks/ wetsuit boots/ wet shoes. For winter look for thicker neoprene with a thermal lining. Straps are good for keeping them on. The thicker the boots are the harder they are to get on and off. Drying them – make sure they are dry inside and out. Boots with zips are good for those with less mobility.


Atan booties – These are my favourite and last ages. Hand made in France and last years. 

Tri Wetsuit Hire

Wild swimming socks are offering a discount of 10% – use HEATHERMEEK in the discount code area when checking out.


The tighter the better as when they are wet they will expand and become soppy water holders!



Thermal hood

These are great for swimming during the winter. An added extra layer and you can put your swim cap over it.

Blue seventy, Lomo, Zone 3 all do them.

Thermal layers.

Unless you have a spare £500 for a thermal wetsuit you may want to invest for winter. I have a thin neoprene tshirt and also a neoprene swimming costume by cressi which I love. I also have a spring suit by glide soul and a thermal vest by two bare feet.

Night swimming.

Lights for your goggles:  Adventure lights

Bike lights from planet x or Aldi to put in your tow float are a good cheap and bright option.

Changing robes

Wild Moose Robes

Lovely colours, local business, warm and cosy! DISCOUNT HEATHER15


Change robe DISCOUNT code HEATHER20 – Great colours, comes with two different sleeve lengths.

Ear Plugs – I use Ultimate Ear Plugs.

They are amazing! Whilst they are mail order, they have fitting services all over the UK. My nearest one is a lovely chap called Howard in Kendal. He gave me some great advice on keeping my ears healthy too.

The Water Sports plug is a custom-made earplug designed for swimmers. It is designed from a full shell of the ear and is easy to secure, fit and remove. It is designed from medical grade silicone which floats and is ideal for users with grommets or inner ear problems. This product has a fixed cord which can be clipped onto items of clothing.

Discount code issouthlakes10

Blizzard bags – safety kit for keeping you warm in case of an emergency


Wild Moose

Have a range of great bags, waterproof and very hard wearing. DISCOUNT HEATHER15


Cold Pods – for when you can’t get to the lake!

and use SOUTHLAKESSWIMMING in checkout. I really like this one as its sturdy, easy to put up and a bit bigger than most.  This is the best of all three that I have!!

  • There is also this Polar Plunge pod too. A bit smaller, still big enough though, easy to put together.

Go to:

Use SLS15 for 15% discount.

Discount code: HEATHERMEEK

Matting for under your pod to stop it from puncturing and make it more comfortable on your feet can be purchased here:

Keep your water cleaner for longer and purchase this:

Amazon shopping list

Work in progress!

Heated gilet Ladies:

Heated gilet mens:

Hand warmer / phone charger:

Group shelter:

LOMO gloves:

LOMO Large dry bag:

Shokz swimming ear phones:

Cressi womens neoprene swimming costume:

Maru one size kick board and pull buoy:

Zoggs endura clear goggles:

Zoggs fusion goggles smoke:

Anti fog spray for goggle (feel free to ask me advice on how best to use this):

Cheap wetsuit booties (I do recommend the ATAN ones above though):

Oversize mitts (put a hand warmer in each one and plenty of space for your hands!):

Some links on this page and my social media are affiliate links and I get a small commission – I mean small!!

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